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Easy Thinking
Autor: adam.thiede
Tagi: Thinking  
11 czerwca 2019, 12:35

It's totally free from responsibility text writed by me cause it's a work doed just for show how people can thing when they got a time and thinks about their products (for me this text) can have some usefull information's whithone can be seen by person who's also using imagination to do something what can be also usefull. Every products need's to be usefull. No matter it's need to pay for that or not. No matter it is for free or somebody need to pay for that in parts. Hundret percent guaranty about being usefull this text will show you how man can use imagination. For more than nineghty nine percent of reading persons it is bullshit but for it is enought property writed down to don't let you sleep in reading time. My english level cannot show level of school where I was getted first lesson and I have no chance to show you better quality of my text cause using Google Translator is difficult and I suppose a reader can have a lot of problems when he's translating from language withone i know more than english to any other language cause I was observing like many times all text was totally automaticly translated by computer and I think it was a totally free translator and i suppose it was many time product of Google called Google Translator. It's very importand to keep this product for user's without any payment that long how long people get better translator for free. Is very important to translate with possibly highest percent of chance to show in translated text same sens. It's difficult. When you are using some similar word's to keep sens after translate is high risk to make some mistake cause some word's have a lot of sens and it's very important to use it possibly rightly for get more chance to be understood. Polish leanguage for me is very hard in translating to every language and I can't show you more difficult leanguage because I don't know more languages enought to say anything about learning and translating difficulity. For example in other leangages i know only a few, one or no words. It's very hard to be that lucky to get a chance in all time in your life to get know every laungages. Possibility about humans memory in my version (just cause it's MY imagination) is too low to know perfectly or only fluently every languages from the world so that's why people are learning firstly languages with one's look for them or get's information's about are mostly easy to learn and are usefull much more than any other language. I was getting lessons of deutsch but it's hard to understand words so long and english was much more learned from work in my getting knowledge example. I don't care about grammar cause it's enought difficult to understand to be accteptable to learn only when you need to use learned language to communicate with persons who's know's and speaks on higher level than level called "communicative".

Mega strenght and genius mind can powerful only in two totally different persons cause energy has to be used for brain in more percent and for muscles in more percent. Ideal balance is impossible. Im not powerfull without person with in energy is used more than 50 percent by brain. Hardly builded muscle fighter need a lot energy but must save some energy for brain so cannot be less intelligent that animal. Humans cannot be animals. Cause they are not. People are possibly most high intelligent and mostly possibly evoluated organizm in the World. Helping people who needs help is the best way to eraze your sins, but doing it for somebody who has more chance to speed up this proces and use this geniusly system to help the others, cause always you can meet on your way, withone you cannot be sure stronger enemy. You are never sure who is stronger, cause you don't know who can be visible for your eyes in every second, every minut, every hour, every week, every month, every year - that long, how long you can live. You can stay alive that long, how long you are using possibly best system used to getting possibly longer live. No body can look in the future. For sure it's random. For persons, who's believing in higher intelligent creatures true about they place, where they use their rules cannot be on the Planet Earth, cause every planet can have different law. For sure law dropped on Earth cannot hurt people on this planet on first place. Is enought place to point in this text why. Firstly only people can understand most heavy knowledge and understand why trying to show pretending creatures need to prepare and train pheoples for be sure they accept your version. Breaking law for hurting people on Planet Earth by creatures just for get their soul or for give them punish for something what they can stop before some other people do this, cause they cannot search who gets on this planet no punishment. Their first point on graphic "to do" i keeping to don't let hurt any people, any person on first place, no matter by who or what. Also creatures from other planets are obligated to help people to survive and defend them from attacking creatures withone are no matter who or what. Only people on the Planet Earth have a right to be secured from being hurted by anything in Universe, so olso on Planet Earth. Propertly is not taking by theirself paymant with kind of their are was choosen cause braking law on Planet Earth is not possibly. For people who believs in live, or creatures without live on other Planet they can be killed on Planet Earth, when they kill people which one are not agressive and will hurt not any other person or creature from all Universe. No matter what kind of creatures from other planet when are visiting Planet Earth need to help people to live and stay in this really high level alarmed situa tion to keep them stay alive and don't let any people to hurt other people. Is not end of the "to do" list cause people which one have no chance to get food or do any job need their help also cause this people can look like a hurting without any reason. Better is to eat ground than eat human, cause every humans have a brains with same nervous system and i know about animals on this planet can hurts less, cause people are killing this animals with possibly low risk of have a pain feeling when animals are preparing to be eated. Only people on Planet Earth can find better way to do less thing, which ones can provide to destroy everything, whay can provide to be forever not lucky, not happy and for sure provide to forever boring cause in the end of everything nobody stays, nothing else also and guarranty about other dimensions are only a purposed to exist that long how long you stay in this dimension. Dimension from where im writing this theory of me (of my cause im writing it without hearing what i have to write) is full of situations with one's still exists and show how much possibly is lying without reason. Lying for get goal withone is fully sure your decision and you are sure this can satisfy you enought need your guaranty withone i can't give you. Guaranty to get your goal is work needed to create world whithone is surrounding you. Every planet in this dimension can have same law, but before other planet start's using it needs to show me everything on this planet to give you guarranty about it is best cofiguration of law for your planet also. On Planet Earth goverment says "Is no live in space". Only this answer come's to me. Possibility of not true words is same like being true because i know no one who's worker officialy for goverment. I can accept only people who are popular from being goverment from possibly highest range systems like television, radio, internet and some possibly minimal like that one's having range of sending information. Controlling world by people is possibly but people or creatures need's to know about their need a lot informations about all the world and this informations cannot be less than one hundret percent same like is true. Only people on this planet. On Planet Earth (i mean) can be acceptable eating less intelligent and less usefull and having less chance to do that much how much was done and created by people only for people. About animals doing nothing more than living naturally, without hurting any animals organisms included people needs to be learned how to kill something living possibly with lowest level of hurting and giving pain because i think other living organisms also can feel pain cause a lot of them, possibly more than fifty percent have a nervous with electricity whithone always gives some pain cause it's role is work for controll feeling, cause feeling can control move, grow, eat, send, and take energy by many ways whithone i know yet. I can't know what will you do, see and say (no matter what kind of things from things withone are possibly to do right now) so i can't guarrant and tell you anything more about future more that vision withone i was see in my mind and for my is my vision withone was created from my purposes and i have no chance to guarrant you it is true. For me logically talking that long how long any other person who was not reading this text from first word of this text have no sense, cause only showing possibly much by person or creature  why is for me mostly purposing to be true and best version for reading's. No matter what is true, cause mostly powerfull is how much informations this text pushes possibly hardly to everymind's whithone's already read it and understand it. For better understaning this text the best way is read it more than one time. Possibilty of understanding every time when you read it more is guarranted if you are not understending this informations first time. About anything in any place withone is not on Planet Earth I'm only purposing, cause i was never seen anything what can look for me like something from other planet. Maybe something can look like ships to travelling in space but i was only seeing it on the movies. Animals from Earth i know also from movies, from observing nature and place's where nature also get's without any question cause on Planet Earth animals never ask's about possibility to do something cause people don't understand animals. People cannot be calling animals, cause only people can do something what can save every life and can do something what is usefull to every organism on this planet. About any other planet than Planet Earth I was telling enought for you and you need to remember about I'm having no fragments in my mind about visiting any other planets. Any fragments from my mind withone can look like visits on other planets for me I'm sure are a products of my brain on sleep time in sleep mode. People need's to sleeps for me cause i have feeling about this what I need. Is no matter what kind of needed thing. It is about energy, eat, move, have something to do what can give more energy to positive, helpful and full of creativity thinking, what provide only to save this not perfectly controlled planet because this planet is for me controlling by president's, kings or dictators in every country. I don't know any other way's to controll and help keep possibly normal work of Planet Earth. Animals are living naturally cause people are not controlling their life never more than they need to do something. People are different. Everybody who's not totally copied is different. I know no clones of people visible in one screen but i was reading about technology providing to doing this cause i found information about cloning sheep. It was done for me cause i read a article about that and i saw a movie about that technology already succesfully tested. With level of purposing I cannot be sure cause i understand why some informations are empty of true but are giving many time for free. Always when some information, article was wroted down for money or any other thing withone is goal of writer or producer. Manipulations is too much complicated for me and it's not my specialization. That's why i can't tell about lies providing to anything. I hate lies providing to nothig just because somebody likes lying. Who's having no understable sens for lying can also have sens withone is for he's mind understandable enought to explain or cannot tell why because it is in plan for to keep going this lie work or work's to get on the end to the choosen goal withone was showed in his mind, many times without telling it.
For me people in life need that much time, how much they need to get what is needed for them to be sure about they are ready to die and thats what i call final goal. Only fully consciously goal can be acceptable when person is enought ready to imagine he's goal cause goals from time when they was a child can change in time cause when you live you can all the time get more knowledge with one can help you find better goal cause till natural death from being old that much how much your species live's and information about this how long your species (no matter about what kind of living organism) normally lives. It's important to know example with record age. That's the limit withone all organism's in same species (same type) can make bigger. In every life it is only guarante about being happy from your life without guarranty about next after death. That's why organisms (for my knowledge about people cause I'm human [property homosapiens - it's knowed by me nevest version of humanoid organisms called people maded by evolution]. Evolution of every living organism on Planeth Earth fully of life is calibrating all the time to live possibly long and possibly much comfortable when this organisms gets a chance and knowledge how. Also plants are evolving all the time to be the best versions of themself to death in place where they live. People are moving cause they have this chance cause are borning with legs and evolution of people is very slow. Only learning can push people faster to get on the next level of evolution cause it's needed to be sure about it is time to change name of actually living people called homosapiens to new name. New name of humans (actually it's for many people homosapiens) needs that much examples of being better from the previously called human's with one was changed by evolution to livings right now homosapiens. When somebody's calculate every differences between our humans name and previously named humans then he is ready to check it is enought progress of humans evolution to change it from homosapiens to some name with one can looks and sounds more like a name's in he's existing time. When people gets enought knowledge about actually living humans property they change our name and it will be accteptable and property easiest to understand "why?" if they use a word give a new name whichone look's and sound's like a word from time when they are giving new name. For now i don't know how long it can take to call humans somehow diffrent than homosapiens cause I don't know about anybody's thinking about that and doing anything to check it is possible. I suppose it is not enought needed for humans to be checked. That's why I don't know. It's always chance to exist knowledge withone I don't have. People cannot know everything that what knows every organisms using brains. For giving possibly much knowledge or just information whichout knowledge status collected only for being getted for eachother. People can use not only a technology knowed many years like book's, because we are living in lucky age having newest technology called computers and internet. People who's living in this age have more chance to store knowledge in one place. I mean computer serwer existing to show information on computers with internet connection.